1. When customers come to your outlet

they will select your outlet name on Marcos App

customer enters amount payable to you through online payment gateway. Marcos then transfers the payment to you

2. You can sell online also

upload your inventory so customers see your products

customers purchase them. You ship your products directly to them. Marcos then transfers the payment to you

3. Customers will prefer to buy again

because of innovative loyalty and referral program

customers get chance for free offers and points from Marcos. Points can be used for repurchases at any of our outlet partner

benefits of partnering with Marcos

Free listing and visibility for your business and get more

set up your account in just a few minutes

Grow your business through the innovative loyalty program that Marcos more

customer loyalty program have a variety of benefits for everyone's business 

Fast payment more

funds are transferred to your account (after deducting Marcos platform charges) in 7 days

Who can partner with more

whether you are a clinic / hospital / retail outlet / grocery store / manufacturer / distributor / service provider / any business house